Stage & Dancefloor

Wedding Bands in Greece are powered by Ninja Goat Productions. Ninja Goat Productions has successfully installed sound &lighting for more than 1000 major events like concerts,conferences and festivals. Our staff is highly qualified and very experienced to handle the most demanding timetables.

FullPASystem FullPASystem
Full PA System with Tower Lifts and Truss , Stage Risers and Moving heads and Smoke machines

All bands in Wedding Bands in Greece website are fully equiped by our state of the art sound equipment in addition to impressive lighting special effects with moving heads, strobe, and smoke machines.

BandBackline BandBackline
Band Backline: Amplifiers,Stage Monitors,Microphones

Depending on the wedding budget we can install powerful line array PA systems , Tower lifts with Truss , Stage Risers. Every single piece is very carefully placed to maximize it's purpose but also to create a very elegant but powerful experience to the guests.

As a supplement to everything that is absolutely required for the purposes of the live performance of the band or the DJ we can also install additional equipment such as string lights, fairy lights, walkway led par spots, truss decor and video walls.

Feel free to ask us for anything you can imagine. We can do it!

TrussDecor TrussDecor
Truss Decor with black cloth
ledParLighting ledParLighting
LED par lighting walk way
FairyLights FairyLights
Fairy Lights
StringLights StringLights
String Lights
projection projection
Video Wall (Projector or LED pixelscreen)